2021: A Year For Businesses To Take Control Of Their Digital Voice

Be Everywhere, a B2B and niche industry marketing specialist, is emphasising the importance for businesses to take control of their social media strategy.

With the latest figures projecting an increase in users from 3.6 billion to 4.4 billion by 2025, social media is rapidly becoming our primary source of information. For businesses, social media presents an opportunity to connect and build brand awareness that resonates deeper with their customers.

Newcastle-based digital marketing agency, Be Everywhere highlights that the benefits of social media go beyond business to consumer sectors and that business to business and those in niche industries can use social media as a tool to provide a window into their business.

Social media has become a platform we all use to learn more about a business and can heavily influence our opinion. Businesses with unoptimised or no social media channels could be losing potential new customers simply by how they are perceived by their, or lack of, online presence. 

Adam Horn, Digital Marketing Executive at Be Everywhere, commented: “When creating a digital strategy, it is important to approach social media from a targeted perspective. Not all platforms will be relevant and not all engagement is good engagement – it’s about quality over quantity.

From an organic perspective, businesses should look to ratio the type of content they are pushing out and avoid a ‘sales heavy’ strategy. By providing content that is valuable to customers and industry, businesses can build a truly engaged and relevant digital audience.”

A content marketing strategy that offers value and insight can allow businesses to break through the noise of the busy social media landscape. While social media algorithms are difficult to understand, it is key to remember that organic content that generates engagement will always be ranked higher and gain more visibility.

By implementing a social media strategy, businesses are also able to take more control over their brand and what their audiences see, which in an era of ‘cancel culture’ can be critical to mitigate the risk of a reputational crisis.

Be Everywhere is dedicated to delivering driven digital marketing solutions to help businesses achieve their online ambitions and find their digital voice. Since 2014, the agency has supported a wide range of businesses across B2B sectors and niche industries including water, chemicals, intelligence and security.

For more information contact info@be-everywhere.co.uk or visit www.be-everywhere.co.uk.

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